Dirt, Oil, Pus…Gross.

Universally-hated, loathed, and feared, we seem to get them at the worst possible time or they always linger around and overstay their visit. No, I’m not talking about catching a cold (though I hate those too!), but rather pimples, zits, and acne. These blemishes, big or small, can wreak havoc on not only our looks, but as a direct result, also our self-esteem, confidence, and focus. A blocked pore sounds like a minor thing, until it festers and grows into a big painful pimple or zit. It suddenly takes on a life of its own, unfortunately

So, naturally, you wonder, how can we get rid of pimples and keep them away? Well, I’m glad you asked! While no single pimple treatment works for every one, this site will give you a variety of methods that not only show you how to get rid of pimples, but also how to prevent pimples as well. Some of these methods will use natural everyday items that are plentiful, and a few will touch on over-the-counter products that can easily be bought at local stores or online. Either way, our goal is to help provides resources that will allow you to get rid of pimples fast. Because believe me, I’ve been there when it seems like a zit just won’t go away: I want it gone fast, painless, and with no scars!

Of course, any new treatments or just general acne news will also be posted on this site as we hope to become a beacon for information on how to keep these little buggers off of our face! So whether you’re dealing with pimples and blemishes right now, or you’re just wondering how to keep them away, I hope you stick around, and I hope you’ll soon be on your way to learning how to remove pimples from your life!


Getting Rid of Pimples

Lucky for us, there are actually a lot of items used for pimple treatment. Now, they may not all necessarily work for you, but finding something that does get the job done is a little easier when you have a lot of options. Everything from tea tree oil to spot treatments to ice and heat, there truly is a large variety of potential ways to get rid of acne. Click the link below to find a longer list of items and products that may help you.

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Acne Causes

In order to effectively prevent pimples, it is important to realize what causes them! The simplified version goes like this: a blockage occurs in a pore, your sebaceous glands continue to produce sebum which builds up and can’t escape behind the blockage, and this sebum is a wonderful environment for bacteria┬áto grow. This is when the inflammation and gross stuff forms inside, causing irritation. Read more by following the link below; once we know the causes, we can better understand how to eliminate those causes and get rid of pimples!

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