Natural Remedies

Natural Home Remedy for Pimples

A home remedy for pimples is always present in every household, whether you know it or not. Your kitchen contains a lot of treasures to help you get rid of those stubborn pimples; you just have to know the properties of fruits and other common household items so you’d know how to battle those pimples.

How to Remove Pimples

In simple terms, pimples are result of the blockage on skin pores. It is mostly associated with teenagers. It could be because of the hormonal changes that are occurring on this stage of a persons’ life. Acne or pimple should be addressed accordingly. Removing them in a wrong way may leave a permanent scar. To […]

How to Prevent Pimples with Everyday Ingredients

How to prevent pimples: this may be a common question for teenagers and adults nowadays. While most people resort to buying expensive anti-pimple products and anti-acne treatments, there are some natural ways on preventing pimples.

Alternatives to Pimple Cream

Many people are affected by the problem of pimples. The age does not matter in this case. There are just a few lucky people who have only rarely experienced breakouts. Besides using pimple cream there are several other solutions for this annoying problem.