How to Prevent Pimples with Everyday Ingredients

How to prevent pimples: this may be a common question for teenagers and adults nowadays. While most people resort to buying expensive anti-pimple products and anti-acne treatments, there are some natural ways on preventing pimples.

Expensive products do not always work; there are also some remedies for pimples that are reasonably-priced, or sometimes are even for free. You just need to take a look in your kitchen, or inside your medicine cabinet.

Vitamin C and E – these vitamins act as antioxidants which revives the skin so it can renew itself, and can prevent acne very well.

Water – keeping yourself hydrated will give your skin enough fluids so it won’t be oily and dehydrated. It also helps in flushing out toxins.

Zinc – zinc supplements is very advantageous in treating and preventing acne. Taking 50mg, 3x a day can be very beneficial to the skin.

Keeping hair out of your face – our hair can irritate the skin, so keeping it off the skin can keep the dirt from our hair in contact with the skin.

Keeping your hands off – Our hands are dirty. When you touch your face, you end up transferring dirt and bacteria to your face.

Toothpaste – Toothpaste can dry your pimples. Make sure to use the regular, white ones.

Oatmeal and yogurt – you can make a mask out of these ingredients to absorb excess oil and soothe inflamed papules and pores, as well.

Steam – steam can be a good way to purge pores.

How to prevent pimples sometimes solely depends on you and which things work for your skin.

These are not the only things on how to prevent pimples, but there are dozens. However, the best thing is to watch your diet and take supplements, so you can prevent pimples from the inside.