How a Pimple Remedy Works

When purchasing a pimple remedy or undergoing acne treatment, it is always important to know how it works. This is so you can ascertain the fact that they are actually working. This will ultimately help you pick out which remedies do you judge to be the most effective.

Typically, pimple treatments work to tackle the following problems:

1) Prevent pore blockage – pimples become inflamed because pores get blocked. This means dirt and oil can’t escape out of the skin. One of the main ways a pimple remedy works is by removing the blockage and then controlling the way skin cells are shed so that the pores do not get blocked again.

Some medicines like benzoyl peroxide are actually designed to melt down the keratin layer on a pimple that’s the main cause of blockage.

2) Killing bacteria – there’s actually a strain of bacteria, called P. Acnes that causes acne and pimple breakouts. Without killing the bacteria, pimples will just keep coming back.

Did you know that the white in pimples are actually caused by the bacteria infecting the pores? By killing the bacteria, the skin can begin to truly recover.

3) Reduce swelling – another goal of a pimple remedy is to reduce the pimple’s inflammation, making it less noticeable. This effect is more obvious in hormonal treatments such as cortisone injections, as the reduction in swelling can be pretty dramatic. Reducing the swelling of the pimple can also make it pretty easy to conceal using makeup and other means.

4) Hormonal stabilization – although a lot of medications work directly on the skin and the pimple, hormonal treatments actually try to work on the cause of the pimple, which is hormonal imbalance. By adjusting the hormonal levels in the body, these medications can stabilize oil production and thus make pimples disappear.

Now that you know the different ways on how a pimple remedy works, you might have an easier time finding a treatment that’s best for you and get rid of those pimples quickly and easily.

Hopefully, this little exploration on how treatments work truly enlightened you on what you should look for in an effective pimple medication.