Pimples on Back – Stop Back Pimples from Coming Back

Are you one of those lucky ones who’ve never had more than the odd pimple on your face? Lucky you! Until you catch sight of your back in the mirror, right?

Pimples on back can be harder to deal with than on the face, because of that whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing.

So, why do some of us end up with a back full of acne when the rest of our bodies are just fine? No one really knows, except that some people just have larger sebaceous glands back there, which gives you a higher chance of having acne on any part of the body.

There are two kinds of zits that might appear on your back. Non-inflammatory acne, usually the less visible kind, is comprised of blackheads, whiteheads, and the like.

Inflammatory acne occurs when the glands flare up and include red pustules, pimples, and legions. This is the painful stuff that has more of a chance of scaring and is harder to clear up.

To take care of pimples on back, be sure to shower frequently and to clean your back well with an oil-free cleanser. There are cleansers available at the drug store that are specifically formulated for body acne.

When you wash any infected area, use your hands or a very soft cloth to gently cleanse the area. You don’t want to irritate the skin by scrubbing it with a rough sponge, loofah, or back brush. This will spread the oils and puss, and make the condition worse.

Next, apply a topical treatment that’s meant to clear up acne. Revitol Spot Gel is one that should help. A little goes a long way.

Finally, apply a moisturizer. While you want the oils to dry up, you don’t want your skin itself to dry out completely. Again, this is irritating and will not help your acne.

Finally, as with any large acne breakout, it’s a good idea to treat the pimples on the back with an oral supplement that clears up zits. Try something like Acnezine. Acnezine’s system also includes a moisturizer to prevent dryness.