Why Popping Pimples Can Do More Harm Than Good

While there are many different thoughts in the medical community about the best way to treat acne and get rid of zits, it’s pretty much widely accepted that popping pimples is not a good idea. Here’s the deal…

When a pimple finally gets past that horrible, painful “hard red bump” stage and reaches that horrible, painful “giant whitehead that no one can resist looking at” stage, it’s more and more tempting to pop that sucker and get it over with.

Unfortunately, while squeezing that head off and getting the puss out may make you feel better about it, you may be prolonging the agony.

When you use your fingers or finger nails to pop a zit, you’re actually introducing new bacteria and germs from your fingers into a new open sore (that you’ve just created by squeezing off the zit’s head), and you’re pushing whatever bacteria was already in the pimple further down into your skin. This can result in infection.

In addition, you’re also spreading this puss and bacteria to other areas of your skin, which can then become blocked and form new pimples. And that original pimple that you popped?

Well, it would likely have cleared up in a day or so, but now it’s an open wound that may take twice as long to heal, often by way of a scab and maybe even a scar. Unfortunately, popping pimples may be more trouble than it’s worth.

The same thing holds true for blackheads. Popping them can result in infection, spreading of acne, and unsightly red bumps. So, if you’re not supposed to squeeze the pimples that are driving you nuts, what do you do?

Wait them out.

Yep, patience is a virtue, right? So they say, and in this case, “they” are right. Cleansing your face carefully with oil-free, non-comedogenic cleansers is a step in the right direction, as is applying a spot gel (try Revitol Spot Treatment) and an oil-free moisturizer.

So, think about it…leave a zit alone, and you’ll have an unsightly, painful bump. Take to popping pimples, and you’ll have an unsightly crater that may become infected and lead to more zits. Which would you choose?